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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I choose Modern Exposure?
You should call on Modern Exposure if you feel that your company is lacking the creativity, freshness and boldness to grow into a successful business. We will offer complete and high-quality offline and online marketing services that are going to maximize your revenues and traffic. Moreover, we think beyond numbers and rankings and we provide real and tangible solutions for your problems.
2. What services do you offer?
Our services cover all marketing branches and domains so as to offer you full solutions for your business. We will determine together if you need assistance in only one area or if you require combined strategies and services.

In terms of Website Development, we offer design services, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, content management and copywriting.

When it comes to Social Media, we can help you with boosting the followers and fans, creating and implementing the social media campaigns and establishing or re-thinking the design of your page.

The Branding and Identity services include creating names and slogans, defining the target market and thinking and implementing the identity and branding strategies that will help people remember your name.

Finally, the Design branch incorporates the creation of logos, visual identity, QR codes and business cards.

3. How is Modern Exposure different than other marketing companies?
It’s true that there are plenty of marketing companies out there, but very few of them provide full services for businesses. Most of them are specialized on one area alone, such as SEO, design or copywriting. We offer real solutions for your company’s problems and marketing is the instrument that helps us do this. How else are we different?

- We will not only advise you, but also do the work for you. Every strategy that we create will be carefully implemented by us. - We love what we do, meaning that we are going to deliver only high-quality work. - We are perfectionists and we won’t deliver the services until we are fully convinced that they are the best solutions for your company. This quality will also help us find any type of void in your business. - Everyone in our team is specialized on a certain area, so we have an SEO specialist, a social media specialist, a web designer etc. The term “Jack of all trades” does not apply on us because we believe that professionalism lies in deepening one domain alone. One person can’t do everything right, but a team of specialists can reach perfection and that’s exactly what we offer for your business.

4. Why do I need online marketing?
We offer both offline and online marketing, but we are mainly focused on the latter because these days, everything and everyone is online. In fact, in the “virtual world” is where you’ll find most of your customers and you have to go there in order to attract them to your business. If you rely solely on offline marketing, then you are going to lose numerous potential clients and your company won’t be able to grow. Moreover, online marketing will offer you the chance to try new, creative, innovative and result driven strategies that you won’t want to miss out.
5. How fast will I see results?
We don’t have a set answer for this particular question because the results depend on a series of elements, including your industry and competition, your target audience, your previous marketing campaigns and many other factors. We do offer short-term strategies, but since we are always looking to offer the best results, we mainly think on a long-term basis that is supposed to consolidate your company, services / products and audience.
6. Is SEO really necessary for my business?
SEO or search engine optimization is the procedure that will help your website rank on the top pages of Google and other major search engines. The process will mainly make use of certain keywords used for organic and natural search results, so it’s strongly connected to the content of your website. You will need SEO for maximum exposure and visibility. This service will help your website stand out of the crowd, making it fully optimized and search engine friendly. With SEO, your customers will always find your website in the top search results.
7. Why do I need Social Media if I already have a website?
SEO will make your website more visible, but in order to promote it and your products / services, you will need to call on Social Media. It seems that Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. have taken over the world and you, as a business, have to be where your clients are. Social media will not only be useful for promotion, but will also help you engage with your fans and create strong relationships between the brand and the customers. We will thoroughly evaluate your business and establish which are the best social media platforms for you and what strategies must be used.
8. Can’t I just do the marketing on my own?
Of course you can. However, the question that arises is: “Do you want to do this on your own?”. Marketing is much more complicated than it sounds and a shy online presence with a simple website and a Facebook page is not enough to make a difference. You have to work hard to set yourself apart and given that you already have a business to run, it would be wise and time-effective to let a professional and experienced team handle the marketing. That’s what we’re here for and we guarantee you that your company will be in good hands.
9. How does your team stay creative?
Creativity is the foundation of Modern Exposure. It’s what helps us come up with fresh and successful ideas for our clients. In order to maintain our creativity and deliver innovative and great services, we always think outside the box and sometimes we pretend that the box doesn’t even exist. We accept the toughest challenges and we believe that some rules are meant to be broken in order to deliver ideas that will bring your business up high. So, working with a full service marketing company will guarantee you that your company will never be short on innovative campaigns and strategies.
10. When can we get started?
Modern Exposure is eager to start the collaboration with you right away. So, after we perform an analysis of your business and establish the right solutions and services for you, we can sign the agreement and put our creativity at your service.