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Your online presence isn’t all about your website and social media. You can also boost your virtual presence through pay per click advertising that should be part of every modern marketing strategy. This type of ads are built to target audiences prone to be receptive to your service and / or product.

Modern Exposure offers professional PPC advertising in Calgary based on thoroughly researched keywords. Our SEO specialists are going to offer you expert assistance in converting and bidding on the best keywords for your PPC campaigns. Paid search and effective SEO can offer you the opportunity to boost the traffic to your online site. Eventually, this will translate into great natural search engine results.

AdWords Campaign Management in Calgary

PPC advertising and Adwords Campaign Google AdWords is one of the most used PPC tools in the marketplace, so we are proud to say that we offer both AdWords campaign creation and management for our clients. First of all, we will perform the keyword research and strategy to establish the exact keywords that will be used in your campaign. They will be carefully chosen so as to target your audience. Our specialists are aware of Google’s advertising algorithms and they can set up a powerful PPC campaign that will bring extreme advantage for your website and business. Our AdWords service includes geo-targeted strategies, creating ad groups, bidding strategies, coming up with text ads and researching negative keywords.

We will not just create your AdWords campaign, but we will also monitor it and offer regular reports on how it works and what needs to be changed or improved. We offer monthly, weekly and daily monitoring for your Google ad campaigns and we will also control your competition. By managing your PPC campaign, we will also optimize and improve your text ads, update the negative keywords and review the keywords dimensions so that we can offer you the highest return on investment. Monitoring your conversion data and analytics will also fall under our jurisdiction. Basically, all you’ll have to do is to reap up the benefits.

Advertising and Re-Targeting Services

At Modern Exposure we are devoted to finding the most cost-efficient and effective campaigns for your company. Our PPC advertising in Calgary is one of the best on the market and we’re not only referring to AdWords, but also to Bing and Facebook PPC marketing.

Moreover, our full business services offer also includes re-targeting campaigns. This means that we will go back to those users that were not converted on your website and try to persuade them into using your services or buying your products. Through professional tools and strategies, we will see exactly what pages they have visited on your website and when they decided to leave and, according to this, we will be able to create banner ads to convince them to come back. Those ads will follow them on Google and various other sites they’ll visit. These users will already know your brand, so convincing them to buy will be a lot easier.

So, whether it’s modern marketing or classic marketing you’re looking for, you can be sure that Modern Exposure has all the aces up its sleeve to make your business famous, profitable and loved.

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