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Calgary SEO CompanyWe know that your company is selling something great. The bad news is that so do many other businesses. How can you differentiate from all the other companies? The answer is simple: through SEO or search engine optimization. This comprehensive process will tell the search engines which site is the most credible and relevant. Modern Exposure is a professional and experienced Calgary SEO company offering top-of-the-line services that will take your business on the top of the rankings. We will get your website trusted, found and appreciated. If you’re dreaming of the #1 spot, then we can make your dreams come true.

SEO has a huge impact on the buying cycle. Thus, as a Calgary SEO specialized company, we will carefully write, program, design, script and encode your website’s DNA so that it can “allure” Google and the other search engines. We offer comprehensive SEO services including competitive reporting and analysis, keyword research, off-page and on-page SEO, monthly ranking and reporting analysis and much more. Our team will always search for the minimal investment and offer instead killer conversions.

Top-Quality Search Engine Optimization in Calgary

As you have noticed, Modern Exposure offers a wide array of SEO services, but the kick-start of every project is always the keyword research. You may have heard that keywords are extremely important in this business and so it is, but unlike other SEO companies, we don’t call on keyword saturation. Keywords can be easily related with the user experience and if a website is stuffed with key phrases, your users will immediately click the “X” button. As a professional company offering Calgary SEO services, we perform thorough keyword research to see which are the perfect words to attract the right visitors on your site. We will carefully choose the phrases that will offer a solution to their problems and that will eventually convert revenue. According to your business targets, we will develop the proper keyword list for your content.

On-Page and Off-Page Optimization with Modern Exposure

Our experienced Calgary SEO specialists will perform comprehensive on-page optimization to make your website more attractive for Google’s search algorithm. With sophisticated technologies and procedures, they are going to analyze how your site is viewed by the search engines and will immediately identify the problems.

Your home page isn’t the only one that will be fully optimized. We will also analyze each page with its content hierarchy to see its impact and structure. A different targeted keyword will be assigned to each page to draw the desired call-to-action.

Through the off-page SEO analysis, our specialized SEO consultants will look for any off-page factor that can negatively affect your ranking. Once we do this, we will show you how to make use of engaging and high-quality content that will help you rise above the competition. This includes reputation management, server-side redirects, social media strategies and advanced and relevant link building.

Each month, we will offer you comprehensive reports to show you how the SEO strategy is working and where your website stands in the search results. We will adjust the search engine optimization processes along the way and keep up with Google’s updates to always offer you the best results.

For more details on our SEO services and practices, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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